moving again

We're leaving the Little Flower farm today, after a great, restful visit. And we already have two more invitations for visits during the next few days. I'm encouraged. So far, walking with a partner (a good one like Paul) has been noticably better than walking alone.

Other good news: Last night I got two e-mails. One from Rich Foss, an elder at Plow Creek Fellowship (and farm), where Heather and I spent part of last summer. I had just written to him that morning, wondering if they might be open to a retreat ministry for the poor there. His response was encouraging: "Many times over the years I've thought of us having a retreat ministry but the Lord never seemed to raise up folks among us with a desire to do a retreat ministry.... I can see poor people experiencing the peace of Jesus here on retreat." He's going to talk to others there about the idea.

The other message was from my friends at the Clearing, a communal house of Reba Place Fellowship (the mother community of Plow Creek), where I lived for a few years before moving to the Catholic Worker. It's where Heather and I met. I had just written them as well, looking for a place to stay and work once my walk was over. Their immediate reply was that I'm very welcome to stay there while I explore the retreat idea with the Plow Creek folks. Friends in need...