God is pulling

Continuing "God pulls"...

That's because God is pulling us. Like the gravity that inexplicably holds us to the earth, and keeps our planet from hurtling away from the sun, like the nuclear force that holds together each and every atom of the universe, God is holding each of us. And we are being pulled toward God. Not physically but spiritually, with a force more powerful than that of atoms or stars. God is pulling each one of us.

God is not just calling out to us, from afar, as is sometimes our impression. God is close, touching us, pulling us. Not just urging us to do better, either. If we are to move, to change, we won't be the ones who make it happen. God is the one who moves us, God is the one who changes us. God provides both the inspiration and the energy, the power, for any good change or action or word. God is not just calling, God is pulling.

Jesus said, "When I am lifted up, I will draw all people to myself." And this is what is happening now. Each of us is being drawn towards God, whether we are aware of it or not. Perhaps at moments we feel it, as a deep longing, or a twinge of conscience, or a flicker of light in our darkest moment. But whether we sense it or not, God is always pulling, with every breath we take. Constantly. Relentlessly.

But not irresistibly.