we cannot will what we cannot see

I've planned a long series of entries for this year, that I'm calling "God pulls." Here's the first, an introduction:


We cannot will what we cannot see. We cannot attempt what we cannot even imagine. And we cannot choose what we know is impossible.

But still we long for it. In the depths of our soul we desire a good that we do not see, a truly good way of living that we don't see anywhere around us, except maybe in brief glimpses. And those soon fade. So, in any moment, if we try to do good we find that we can't even imagine how true goodness in that situation might look. We've heard stories of Jesus' inspiring life, and read what he taught, but trying to follow that in any real sense seems utterly impossible. Because it is impossible for us; he even said so. "No one is good but God alone," Jesus said.

Yet still we long for it.