little flower

Louisa, VA

We arrived at the Little Flower farm this afternoon, and were warmly welcomed by Bill and Sue. There are lots of animals here, dogs and cats and goats and chickens and ducks. And lots of art, especially tile creations like the big mural in the picture.

Lots of good things to talk about also. Like how they're home-schooling their three kids, or rather "no-schooling" them (also known as "unschooling"). Learning without the regimented institutionalization and social indoctrination. Very interesting. Seems to be working for them; it's built on the fact that children are naturally inquisitive and want to learn. Something I may want to try.

Paul caught up on some sleep today and we got clean. Tomorrow we'll probably help in the garden. As long as we can give our feet a break, that sounds good to me.