no one can serve two masters

Continuing "God pulls"...

When we surrender to the pull of God, in each moment, we are moved to act in love. But there are so many other demands pulling us in each moment also! One of the most persistent demands is our physical needs, and the demand of others that we pay to get these things that we need. So there is a great pull on us to do the work that people will pay for, that can provide us with money. Jesus warned us, "You cannot serve both God and money." But money seems necessary to satisfy the pull of our physical needs, so it seems impossible to surrender every moment to the pull of love.

This is exactly what Jesus taught his followers to do, though: "You received without payment, give without payment." "Do not seek what you are to eat or what you are to drink, nor be worried. For the nations of the world seek after these things, and your Father knows that you need them. Instead, seek his kingdom, and these things will be given to you as well." With the pull of God's love, there comes also the promise that our physical needs will be met.

As the pull of God moves us to give freely to others, so the love of God can also move others to give to us, meeting our needs. In this God offers us freedom. Freedom from the anxiety of our physical needs, and freedom to work with a single focus, simply loving others as God inspires us. And everything we receive is then also an act of love towards us. Our needs are met, and people are drawn together, by the pull of God's love.