He teaches the anawim his Way

Mt. Jackson, VA

It rained hard yesterday evening, but we managed to stay dry at a church. As night fell, however, bats began to pour out of the belfry and careened around us wildly. We retreated, finding another (bat-free) church to sleep at.

Then another good talk with Paul this morning as we walked. His situation at home is so difficult; I'm glad he has this time to pray and think and hear what God wants him to do. All along the way the mountains were to the east, draped with morning mist. Very much like in this painting.

And I've been thinking about this line from our prayer yesterday (Ps 25.9):

He leads the humble in what is right,
and teaches the humble his way.
I looked up the Hebrew word translated "humble," and it's anawim. Which also can be translated "poor, needy, weak, afflicted, lowly, meek."