just one more slice

Harrisonburg, VA

This was our fourth day on the road since visiting the nuns. Which means our fourth day without a shower or clean clothes or a hot meal. At the church last night we met a man who offered to come back this morning at 6:30am to open the church so we could get cleaned up and get a cup of coffee. That helped. But as we neared town today and saw Pizza Hut, I felt the need to splurge.

So we looked at the money we had left, bought food to get us to Sunday, and spent the rest on the pizza buffet. As we attacked the food piled high on our plates, Paul says, "With the way Jesus lived, it's easy to see how someone might see him eating and call him a glutton." We sat and enjoyed the food and talked about parenting for an hour and a half.

The only problem was we didn't have any money left to visit a laundromat before Sunday. Maybe we could use a stream, I thought. Paul seemed sure God would provide.

Then an extremely sweaty walk into town. And I check my e-mail and find that Ashley (our new friend from the nameless church in Fredericksburg) has told her parents about us, and her mom, who lives near here, has sent me a message inviting us to stay at her house tonight. I'll have to call to see if she can pick us up (since we inadvertantly walked past her), but I have a feeling it will turn out well.

p.s. Mrs. Hypes did come to get us, we enjoyed a great supper with them, and our laundry is now tumbling in the dryer (O me of little faith!). Paul is already asleep--in a bed. And I'm feeling grateful, looking over our plan for the weekend. It should go something like this. Looks like we may have to dodge some storms...