U.S. 20

Bellevue, OH

Cooler weather has blown in, making the walk much more enjoyable. This morning was especially fine.

A vast wheat field, lit gold by the morning sun, with a backdrop of heavy, purple-sooted clouds. Red-winged blackbirds, like sentries in their dress uniforms, circling and shouting over my head as I passed.

And beyond an expanse of young corn a train slid along the tree line, so long that I couldn't see its engine when far ahead it wailed to pass.

I'm on a familiar road, but both of the pastors I met and stayed with two years ago have moved since then. I'd hoped to visit them again. One of the new pastors responded to my e-mail by saying the former pastor (who had let me sleep in the church) was gone, and since he couldn't supervise me (not living in the sanctuary himself) there was no way I could stay there. Hmm. Maybe I should visit him anyway, or at least write back to him...