took a short cut

Hammond, IN

Really enjoyed my time with the Catholic Workers in South Bend. Especially the longer talks with Catherine and Violet and Patrick. And going to mass with Jenna and Liz and others from the house.

At church there was a Holy Cross brother from Uganda, talking about their work and gathering funds. So I gave him $10. Then after the service a woman (who had just heard I'm walking) comes up to me and offers me $20. "If you wouldn't be offended," she said.

That suddenly came in handy this morning. As I was walking out of South Bend, concerned about the heat and about whether I'd make it to Plow Creek before the Jesus Radicals conference (it didn't seem likely), I came to the airport. Where I had caught a commuter train into Chicago to conclude my walk two years ago.

That gave me an idea. I checked the map, then hopped on the train. And now I'm several days closer (and I also slipped through a couple big thunderstorms). I wasn't sure where I'd be when I got off the train, but the concessions guy in the station pointed me to the library. So I'm back on track.