feels like home

I'm spending the day on the University of Michigan campus, where I went to college years ago. Michael is pastor at a church near here. And Kevin (my brother-in-law) works in the university architectual department. This morning I prayed and read in one of my favorite spots on campus, the reading room in the law library. I enjoy returning to places that have been home to me.

While I was in the library, I pulled out a card that Heather had given me just before I left. The last thing she wrote was "...and come home to me."

That made me think. What if home becomes less a matter of place and more a matter of person. Not a where, but a who. I certainly feel like I'll be coming home to Heather, though it will be in a place neither of us has lived before. And I can imagine anywhere feeling like home if she is there.

I wonder if children experience home in a similar way. Home is where mommy and daddy are.

And isn't that how it's supposed to be with us and God? Coming home is coming into the presence of God Who is Love. And if we are with God, everywhere is home.