Norwalk, OH

I've been getting up early and on the road by six in the morning, to avoid the heat of the day. Yesterday that was good because a fierce storm blew up suddenly in the early afternoon. But I was sheltered in St. Mary's social hall. Sister Edna put me up for the rest of the day (and night) there; and I helped her set up for the wedding reception they're having today. I was also able to get well washed. I had a sudden urge to run around in the rain to shower off, but the sink worked well too (and was a bit more seemly).

And I got this poem from Heather yesterday:

I woke when the storm was over
And the petals all were wet
I woke from the thunder's raging
And the rain's alarm—and yet
The leaves were streaming with wonder
Since the moment the storm began
And I could not remember the thunder
But only the touch of your hand.