though I'm weak and poor

Bronson, MI

Last evening I stopped for a Wednesday night service at the World Harvest Assemby of God. I had read their website and noticed the proclamation: "It's Time for The Church to Rise Up and VOTE FOR GOD."

(Is God running? I hadn't heard that.)

The service was pretty good, though. Excellent music, including these lines from "The Heart of Worship":

King of endless worth
No one could express
How much you deserve.
Though I'm weak and poor
All I have is yours, every single breath.
And, during the preaching, the pastor caught my attention when he talked about stealing. He said it's also stealing when we use more than we need, or hoard for ourselves, when others are suffering because they don't have enough. I agree.

I talked with several people afterwards, but my favorite part was when the young kids gathered around me. They liked my tire sandals and my staff--one boy ran to get it for me then came charging back through the hallway shouting and wielding it like a spear. They asked questions then ran excitedly to tell their parents the answers. And one girl, as she waved goodbye, said, "I'll pray for you tonight... and tomorrow and the next day."