mmm, bacon

Griffin, GA

I thought of this comic during the bible study yesterday evening, when the discussion swerved to this topic. Heather and I arrived in time to join them for the service, but a little late for their weekly fellowship meal. Good to see churches doing that regularly. And after hearing our story, before we could ask to sleep outside the church, the pastor offered to get us a motel room nearby. But then plans changed again when a couple there offered to take us home with them instead.

So we had a warm bed for the night and stayed out of the rain, which lasted until late this morning. Brian and Angie also had pancakes and bacon ready in the morning, and offered to keep us dry by driving us to the next town, even waiting for us while we stopped for groceries. Actions that showed what's in their hearts.

Again, I get the strong impression of being passed from hand to hand, carried along on our journey, so that it seems very little our own doing. A way of God glorifying his name?