various endings

We've been enjoying work in the bakery here, packing pecans—including hickory smoked and cinnamon spiced—and also chocolate (with pecans, of course). A tasty and aromatic place to work.

I believe the mail-order pecan business here was started back in the 50s when Koinonia was under a local boycott (because black and white people were living and working together here when tensions over racial issues were coming to a head). We saw a film about those times. I was impressed about Clarence Jordan's faithfulness under such intense pressure. And how he died without much notice or honor in this area (his renown mostly came after his death).

In contrast, Millard Fuller, who came up with the idea for Habitat for Humanity with Jordan, developed that organization into a huge, successful institution, and was highly acclaimed. Now I hear he has been forced out of leadership of that organization by the board of directors. He's 70 years old.

And I'm also reminded of Mother Teresa's story. Another widely acclaimed ministry, though it seems she suffered almost lifelong spiritual emptiness.

I have to say, I find Clarence Jordan's story much more like the example Jesus' left for us.