hand to hand to hand

Thomaston, GA

We passed into other hands again last night. Walking out of town, we were looking for a sheltered place for the night, as rain was predicted again. Before we found it, however, a car pulled over and the woman asked where we were going. When we explained, she invited us to her home. "Are you sure?" Heather asked. "No..." she replied, "but I've passed you three times now and I think God's telling me to pick you up."

It turned out that Darlene lived a days walk in the direction we were going. When we got there she introduced us to her mother, Jackie, who was happy to have us spend the night with her. We enjoyed a good talk over dinner, and for a couple hours after. They're quite a lively pair. "My tongue's tied in the middle and loose at both ends," Jackie joked. They also have a strong trust in God; we felt very comfortable there. "If we don't meet again here, we'll recognize each other in heaven," they said. Darlene also drove us to the next town this morning, saving another days walk, and sparing us a wet morning.

After today, though, the next few towns are pretty spread out, then there's the library holiday on Monday. So I may be out of touch for the next three days. It may be a rough stretch, so we're hoping that God has prepared other hands for us to grasp along the way.

In the meantime, enjoy this reading of Jabberwocky; it's Heather, recorded and arranged by Glenn from Jubilee Partners.