just another Red Sea

Valdosta, GA

We were invited to a church yesterday that happened to be having a celebration meal afterwards, so our first hot meal in a week was all-you-can-eat barbecue chicken. We were also surprised by a big gift at that church. Rain held us up that afternoon, but we did find another church just as its evening service was starting. A revival in a small charismatic church. With good, southern gospel music. I liked this one, called "It's Just Another Red Sea":

Well let me tell you 'bout a story, the prophet Daniel told
How three Hebrew boys wouldn't bow to the Kings image of gold
Well he threw them in the fire, but the Lord was there too
And he delivered them the same way He'll deliver you

It's just another Red Sea
That the Lord will walk you through
It's just another giant
Like the one that David slew
Well it's just another battle
An opportunity, for you to claim the victory
Don't worry when the water looks deep
It's just another red sea

So you say you've got a problem, feelin' helpless and afraid
Another dead-end situation, with no hope for your escape
Just remember when it looks like you have faced your final hour
God sees it as another chance to move and prove His power

We got to sleep inside there, but no chance for a shower or clothes washing. So I'm dragging a little today. I don't like being dirty. And I may be getting a little tired, after three and a half months. My parents have been asking about coming up to get us once we make it into Florida, and we're thinking of taking them up on that.