our christmas tree is still up

After all my talk about failure lately, I feel the need to say that I am grateful for how well things seem to be going at the moment. After a wait of many months, we have retreats coming up at the end of this month and next, to introduce some more pastors and other ministry workers to what we do, so they can refer folks to us in the future. That feels good. And from the correspondence I've had with these people, I like them and look forward to working with them.

Also, with some considerable donations at the end of the year, we seem to have enough now to make it through this next year. We don't need a lot, but with no sure source of income even little needs can seem daunting. We have been living on a gift from Heather's grandparents, who were missionaries and received the money as a bequest from a supporter of theirs, but that is running out soon. It was a great surprise for us, right when we needed it, and enabled us to get started when we had almost nothing. Now the retreat house is prepared. But it's taking longer than we expected to get enough guests coming so that we might hope for much help from others (through donations). We had started a small retreat fund with wedding gifts and a couple donations from our walk. And now with recent gifts from the bakery and farm and a few other generous people we know, it looks like we'll be able to make it through this year at least, and have enough to host a number of retreats.

Somehow last year ended with lots of dark thoughts and uncertainty, and this year begins with light and the feeling of God's good care.