unexpected friends

Watertown, CT

When we walked into town last night, we were looking for a church with a Wednesday evening service. I thought now that we're pretty well accustomed to daily life on the road we should focus a little more on meeting and engaging people. So I inquired at a likely church. No service. I met the pastor's son-in-law, though, and we started talking. Next thing I knew we were invited to dinner at the large old rectory, where three couples live (and three young children). Great discussion over dinner and coffee, by candlelight as night fell. About our story and walk, and their work here, parenthood, also interests in contemplative prayer and healing ministries. Now I'm interested in the possibility of healing prayer as part of our retreat work...

The connection was so good with the young couples—Todd and Sarah, Tom and Amy—that they invited us to stay last night and today as well. We're all delighted to have found each other.