"...to walk with me"

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During our last few days on the farm, I didn't have much chance to write. Trying to put everything in order for the rest of the year. And spending time with friends, including new ones, Dan and Katie Piché from Church of the Sojourners in San Francisco. We'll miss them.

Several people prayed for us during church Sunday, and we felt well-supported. And we smiled as we recognized the closing song, a familiar African-American spiritual, very well sung by our little gathering:

I want Jesus to walk with me
I want Jesus to walk with me
All along my pilgrim journey
I want Jesus to walk with me

In my trial, Lord, walk with me
In my trials, Lord, walk with me
When the shades of life are falling
Lord, I want Jesus to walk with me

Now we're in Evanston for a few days to see other friends and finish a few last things before getting on a bus for Boston, where we'll start our walk.