on our way

We started walking this morning, but will probably just get to the outskirts of Boston today. Taking it slow for our unhardened feet.

We had a great five-day visit with the folks of Ecclesia ministries. Mike was a wonderful host, offering a beautiful room and fun meals together (I made pizza one night, with Italian sausage and Greek olives, and Heather stir-fried fresh garden vegetables and made spaghetti on other nights). Eileen talked to us about her work and gave each of us one of the fine crosses that an artist designed for Ecclesia. Then we went on the once-a-year overnight retreat with Joan and about fifteen of the people who attend Common Cathedral; our visit happened to be timed just right for that. One of the homeless artists there also gave us a matted print of one of his paintings to remember the visit.

So we're very full as we start walking. And thankful for all our new friends who are praying for us.