visiting Champaign again

I didn't expect to be here in Evanston this summer, but now that I'm here it's working out well. They need help here, caring for the man I used to take care of when I lived here before; his current caregiver just got another job. So I arrived right on time.

I also get to go to the wedding of some friends in a couple weeks. And I'll be able to attend the Jesus Radicals conference next weekend, in Champaign, at the Catholic Worker house where Heather and I used to work. I wondered how I could get down there, but my friend Tim just loaned me his car while he's away on vacation, and yesterday, while delivering some furniture as a favor to someone, I was generously tipped. (Also, a friend's aunt was here last week, and she lives in Savoy, a few miles from Champaign. Turns out she is happy to have me and a few others stay with her during that weekend.) So I've been given everything I need to go.