"Be comforted..."

Leesburg, VA

We walked back over the mountains this morning, but they're not so big along here. Good views, though. Then a guy offered us a ride and took us quite a way, over a day's walk. So I'm scrambling a bit, trying to get my bearings here.

Here's an interesting passage I read at the abbey, from one of George MacDonald's sermons (he's one of Heather's favorites):

Be comforted; the master does not require of you to sell what you have and give to the poor... Go and keep the commandments.

Does this comfort you? Then alas for you! ...Your relief is to know that the Lord has no need of you--does not require you to part with your money, does not offer Himself instead. You do not indeed sell Him for thirty pieces of silver, but you are glad not to buy Him with all that you have.