another pair

I've been walking in the mornings to try to get back in shape. But a couple days ago my homemade sandals broke. I'd used them for the last two walks, probably 1600 miles at least, but I thought they'd last for one more. Nope.

Luckily, I'd cut another pair from an old tire before I left Reba Place (where they had the tires and a band saw). So I could finish them with the tools my dad had here. They came out pretty good, with several improvements over the first pair. Now I need to walk in them a few weeks to make sure they are comfortable and make any necessary adjustments.

Paul Gallagher is still eager to go with me, though he said he gets a little nervous at times thinking about it. Me too. I've never walked with someone else before; I'm sure it will be different and have its own challenges. And benefits, too, I imagine.