may 22, 2001

I think I'll also use this story to talk about God's provision while I was on the road. It happened on my second trip (from Florida to Denver and back). I had made it into Colorado by this time, but it was still about 250 miles to Denver and I wasn't sure when my friend Michael was leaving for Greece. I was also a little worried because towns are spread much further apart in that part of the country, I'd run out of food and money, and it looked like it might rain much of the day:

Saturday morning I was waiting for the rain to stop, not at the Mormon church but at another one that offered better shelter. Some cars pulled up at 6am [very strange]. One rolled over and asked me what I was waiting for. And within 15 minutes, two of the drivers came over and said, "Going to Denver, huh? Well, we're going to Denver." A youth trip to the amusement park a half-mile from my destination. I had gone to sleep the night before with only enough food for breakfast, and 14 cents in my pocket. As it turned out, that was plenty. Because I was here in Denver by lunch time.

It also turned out to be perfect timing to visit Michael here: he arrived the day before I did, and he's leaving tomorrow--for five weeks.