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It feels like I'm running out of gas with this series of posts (started Sept 29th). Maybe because I'm not really adding much new to my first draft any more, so it feels like I'm just rehashing what I already wrote. And when I reread the original, it even seemed better (more focused at least) then what I've been doing here recently. So I think I'll just re-post a link to download the original short draft: "My power is made perfect in weakness" (it's a RTF file, so any word processor should be able to handle it, 12 pages).

A recent surprise: Heather said she might like to go out on the road with me. That was big because I'd thought my walking days were behind me, but hadn't been able to find anything that might replace the experience (and witness) of it. When she suggested it, I found myself suddenly excited about the idea.

I'm also supposed to go to a Catholic Worker house early next month and lead the Friday night discussion. They wanted to hear some stories from the road. And I thought I could tie in recent thoughts as well, so I suggested the topic, "On Pilgrimage: practicing radical dependence on God." Maybe I'll start gathering some thoughts for that and post them here.

I think I'll get into it by looking back at some of my road journals, maybe starting with the essay I wrote about the fundamentals: "On Pilgrimage." And see how well it fits with recent thoughts...