trying something new

I usually stay out of community governance and management, but the current urgent needs here have prompted me to try to offer something... organizational? I don't want to try to offer a new authority structure. Or even work through the leaders that exist, who are overwhelmed with demands of all different kinds. I want to keep it simple. So I'm going to help arrange a meeting so those who know the needs to present those needs (starting with the most critical practical ones) to all the families here on the farm, and simply give them the chance to volunteer to help with specific things. Keeping it on the personal level and trusting in the generosity of people wanting to help each other here. "Ask and you will receive." "Give to those who ask of you."

I think people may accept this approach because it allows for immediate action and a clear way to move ahead and get needs met. And I'm hoping that it will stir up good feelings in the community, with many people pitching in to help. Maybe, if it goes well, we can continue to less "practical" needs. Like needs for people to help in reconciling disputes, providing counsel, prayer, teaching, hospitality, etc. I'd like to see the gifts we have rise up to meet the needs, as God provides through all the people who he has brought together here.

I'm not sure how it will go, if people will be satisfied, or if they will want to add more well-defined structures or authority positions on top of the personal volunteering that happens. I don't really mean this approach as something temporary, to get us through the current crisis (though that may be how others see it). As I wrote before, I think true leadership in the body of Christ derives from the gifts God has given, and happens when we are moved by love to use those gifts to help others in need. We don't need to layer any man-made structures over it (which always end up binding and burying the body). Just trust the Spirit who has given the gifts and who moves and coordinates us to act for the good of the body.