with the fumes still in the air

Yesterday we painted the third guest room, our tenth paint job (and hopefully last, at least for a while) since we moved in here. The Clarks, friends from Reba Place, have offered a large dining room table and some chairs. And Heather found a mattress and steel frame bed when she was in Evanston recently. I found a few more sets of sheets at the local resale shop (which gives us supplies for the retreat ministry free of charge). So we still may have to borrow a mattress and box spring, and maybe some towels, but it looks like we'll have what we need for the retreat a week from today. We have a good Provider.

We'll be using the same schedule as the first retreat in May, but the content will be different because the guests are different. They'll be coming from Emmaus Ministries in Chicago (if they can find enough guys who will come). We're planning to use the story from Mark 5, "In the country of the Gerasenes."