"inviting ivory"! perfect!

We've been working on fixing up the apartment, spackling and sanding walls, and we're going to try to paint the kitchen cupboards too, so those needed a lot of sanding and some wood putty where the edges were damaged. It took a while to settle on colors, since we had to try to match the furniture and carpet we were given. We wanted some bold colors, too, to liven up the place. Heather chose yellow for our bedroom, "Sundance" and "Sunflower," to help us get through the gray winters. And "Red Cent," a rusty earth tone, should look pretty good in the living room. I read somewhere that shades of red are good to stimulate conversation, because it's a warm, energetic color, I guess. "Inviting ivory" is for the kitchen.

It's been a bit hard to envision the good result that will (hopefully) come from the mess we're making. Actual improvements are small and few so far. We've had to focus on one little step at a time, and trust that it will add up to something. But the major rooms should at least get their color this week; that will help a lot.