wedding gifts

This morning I began Mark 14 and read about the woman who anointed Jesus with expensive nard, and about his "borrowing" of the upper room to celebrate the passover with his disciples. It reminded me of all the generous gifts that have made our upcoming wedding possible.

The beautiful location was offered when we were invited here to Plow Creek farm, and the "honeymoon cabin" is free for our use as well. Heather's parents offered to pay for the food and the barn dance. And the wedding rings are a gift from my parents, as well as a dinner for both families the night before the wedding. The cake is a gift from Annie, who lives here on the farm. Heather's aunt Alice offered to arrange the flowers. And Helen, another aunt (and music director at Reba Place church) is arranging and performing the music for the wedding, along with Ken, Ann, Erin, and Rick. Helen's husband, Ric (pastor at Reba Place) is leading the vows and communion during the service. And Dan, a new friend we met when we moved here, gave me a Guatemalan shirt that I'll wear for the wedding. Many others here at the farm have volunteered to help set up and decorate, and clean up afterwards, and also offered hospitality to many of our friends and family coming from out of town. Hospitality to us as well; Mark and Louise have been sharing their home with us, and so will continue to do so through the first few months of our marriage.

All gifts. In addition to the many gifts of money from friends and family, which will help us prepare for our walk and give us some starting resources for the retreat ministry here.

Like Jesus—who didn't even have a place to gather with his disciples for the passover—we had nothing. Yet if Jesus asks us (as he asked his disciples), "When I sent you out with nothing, did you lack anything?," we can also answer gladly, "Nothing."