thank you for help

To Heather, for coming over this morning (because I was tired) and talking with the new guest who arrived on the porch late last night with no place else to go.

To Panera bakery, for donating the good bagel I ate while I prayed and listened to Heather laugh with the guests.

To Cynthia, for offering the movie and popcorn last night.

To Mary, for going with Cynthia to the doctor's office the other day.

To Clyde, for fixing our boiler (at no charge) this week so we have heat in the house.

To Lee Ann, from our church, who brought a bunch of teenagers over yesterday and planted some hostas and iris and crocus bulbs that will come up next spring.

To the anonymous giver who brought the new (used) dryer, and to Roy, who offered to bring the tools and connect the gas line for it.

To Serif software company, for offering free desktop publishing software that we'll use to lay out our next newsletter.

To Jeff, who is right now organizing the college students as they prepare lunch for the eighty guests that will show up to eat.

To God, in whom we hope, who richly provides all things for us to enjoy.