freedom and love

My new bookkeeping tasks have multiplied recently. The person who was running the office for the whole community has suffered some health problems that have kept him out of work. So I've been trying to fill in, though I'm not very well qualified for the job yet. The bills are getting paid, so that's good, I guess. And it's just temporary, until it's decided who will step in next. Then I'll just be keeping the books for the farm.

I like the feeling of the temporariness, specifically in this case where it's rising to the need that appears. In both the maintenance and bookkeeping tasks I've taken on, it's been simply a response to a pressing need, not any ambition of mine or desire to find a role in the community. This urgent need has also allowed me considerable flexibility in how I will do the work (I'm not pressured to conform to the "job description"). If eventually a more permanent and more structured solution is preferred, I think I'll very easily pass those tasks to others.

Several months ago I wrote about some concerns when I took up these tasks, that they might be distractions. But I think they might be showing me practical ways that the Spirit uses us, not so much in this or that particular job, but in the ways the tasks are taken up and done. Responding to urgent needs that arise, we have more freedom to work in ways we feel good about, and also can more clearly show our concern and care for those in need around us. And then when the need eases, or more permanent institutional solutions take over, there is the freedom to step away.

It has the feel of the spirit that "blows where it will." And clearly demonstrates both the freedom and the love that are central to the work of God.