somewhere else to write

I recently submitted a few things to the online magazine Jesus Manifesto. I first noticed it during the election season when the editor took the highly unusual and challenging stand against voting. He took a lot of flak for that one. And late last year I wrote about the article I saw there with an unusual (and, I think, accurate) interpretation of Jesus' often quoted words about "the least of these."

So last week I submitted my short story "Baby killer" and the article I wrote about going AWOL, "A conscientious objection." They appear on the site now. I also wrote a new article for them about responding to the recent rise in popular atheist critiques of Christianity, "An answer for the atheists," which started an interesting discussion.

I've liked the response and interactions I've found there so far. I think I'll keep checking in, and submit a few more stories or other things I come up with.