the only true alternative

In a conversation with Pastor Lobe the other day, he spoke of a vision for a widespread support organization for missionaries (among which he included himself and us). So that anywhere they were they could call and find material assistance or a place to stay, or help with whatever need they had. It reminded me of the pamphlet he handed out, that began "With a Union we (believers) are stonger...." I said that God already moves people to help when they are needed, working in them by his Spirit. But he thought this wasn't enough, since often people don't respond to God's prompting. "They don't do it," Lobe said, so then God can't help us.

But I don't believe that. I don't think we can frustrate God's purposes by our refusal to cooperate (unless it's frustrating God purposes for ourselves). If it always depended on our full, willing participation, God wouldn't be able to get anything done. I reminded Pastor Lobe of our experiences on this walk, how God has provided for our needs all along the way. How, especially during the past month, it has felt like we're being passed from hand to hand, though these people have little or no connection with each other, except God's Spirit. That included Pastor Lobe, too.

I think this is a good example of a truly alternative life, and alternative community. Not a life supported, protected, and guided by human effort and ingenuity and ambition, but by God. Every party, culture, and political model, while they may be different in certain aspects, they all are monuments of human achievement. Bearing the motto, "Together we are strong." Each inevitably crumbles and is pulled down, but another is quickly raised in its place, in hope that we will not lose faith in ourselves as a people. The only true alternative to this is the renunciation of the power of Babel, the power of "We, the people," turning to God in the utter dependence of faith. He will provide, he will show us what to do and how to do it (not by our own power but by his), and he will connect us in one community. It is not a union in which we are strong, but it is a support and a union we can depend on.