this day's bread

We've arrived at Plow Creek farm and are all settled in. Heather is staying in the guest room of a couple here (and we both eat meals with them), and I will move in with her once we're married. A warm welcome. And good to see friends here again.

This morning I helped in the small bakery operation they have. We made thirty loaves of bread and fifteen dozen rolls (an excellent multi-grain recipe from the Hutterites), enjoying the good smells and the warmth of the ovens on a cold day. I'm very glad to be able to have bread like this, and to serve it to our retreat guests. And I enjoy the bakery work.

The only drawback is that bread like this—top quality organic ingredients and made in small batches—can usually only be afforded by fairly wealthy customers. The work is still good, and the results very satisfying. But I'd rather be baking for the poor. I guess I will sometimes, when we make bread for our retreat guests.