popping the question

Heather just sent this out to her friends and family...

So the story goes like this: right after the Plow Creek meeting Paul started wondering out loud when we would feel ready to get engaged, and ended up suggesting that if I wanted to "pop the question" whenever I felt ready that might be a great way of doing it. Well, a week passed and Plow Creek gave us their yes, and another week passed as I thought: am I really sure, am I really ready to make such a big life commitment, I've gotta be one-hundred-percent sure now because leaving someone at the altar's not very nice...

Then one sunny day (it may have been cloudy but it sure looked sunny) I made the decision, after praying with a dear friend who's been a spiritual mentor to me, and I felt completely at peace—but I had to wait till the next day because I'd promised myself for some reason that I would call my parents first and tell them I'd decided, and I didn't think they'd thank me for calling at two a.m. French time.

I could hardly stand the waiting...

The next day I called them, and told them, and after hanging up I just booked it over to Paul's house as fast as I could. I found him downstairs on the half-basement floor fetching something for Bob, the disabled man he takes care of. Did he want to go for a walk, I asked. He said, "Well, Bob's on the toilet just now, so I can't leave, and I have to make lunch for him and me in a few minutes. You could stay for lunch and we could take a walk right after..."

After lunch??? Noooo...

Me: Oh.
Him: Or we could have a really short walk before lunch.
Me: Maybe... (hem, haw)
Him: Did you want to talk to me about something?
Me: Yes.
Him: Did you want to talk about your novel?
Me: No. (uh oh, uh oh, I can feel it coming...)


Him: [completely surprised, laughing delightedly] Is that what you wanted to talk to me about?
Me: Yes! SO? Will you marry me?
Him: Yes!

[Then I asked her to marry me (in French): "Veux-tu m'├ępouser?" I even pronounced it right.]

And so we kissed at the foot of the basement stairs, and he went back up to help Bob off the toilet, and I sat on the counter while he made lunch and we chatted with his housemates and laughed and we were very happy.

Now isn't that the most romantic story you ever heard?