"amount due and payable"

I received this from St. Francis Hospital yesterday:


Date of service: 6/13-6/17/04
Patient balance: $25,389.10

Dear: Paul Rohde

The Financial Assessment Form that you submitted and the information you provided determined that you are eligible for a discount of 100 % under Resurrection HeathCare's Uncompensated Care Program. The determination applies to the date(s) of service specified above and to amounts due and payable by the patient/guarantor ONLY. Any amount now due and payable by insurance or other third party, or any amount found to be due and payable by insurance or third party, is not eligible for the discount.

Your account(s) will be credited a total of $ 25,389.10 and you will owe $ 0.

Not overflowing with warmth, but it made me feel pretty good anyway. I'm very grateful to have such excellent Coverage.