something to pray about

A family in our church has relatives in Haiti, where the devastating earthquake just hit. They have also been hosting a woman immigrating from Haiti, who has been working to bring her children from there to live with her here in the U.S. Once the children's paper were in order, we helped her get the money to fly them here; the plan was for her to fly down and meet them and bring them back. But just about an hour after she arrived in Haiti, the earthquake hit.

Thankfully, it seems she and her kids are unhurt. Their house also is still standing, we hear (which means the immigration papers are probably okay, too). But they are stuck there now, with the one airport overloaded with aid shipments and fleeing people. And communication is very difficult. So we're praying that she will be able to rejoin us with her kids eventually. I imagine, though, that in a time like this she is glad to be with her children rather than so far away with us.

We're praying also for the many others in Haiti who have lost homes and loved ones and have such hard days ahead.