slight movements

I really like this video clip. At first glance, it might seem to just be a snapshot of trees. But there's something else there. Click the play button to see it again.

The wind. I noticed it the other morning as I was looking out my third floor window and saw movement in the leaves. The wind is very powerful at times (I think it's hurricane season down in Florida where my parents live). But usually it's easy to overlook.

Like God. I've been straining to see him, to perceive what he is doing. Straining hard, because it has seemed very dark. But I think the lack of light has begun to open my irises enough to catch things I couldn't see before. Slight movements that may be God.

My thoughts go back to the story of Elijah that I quoted two weeks ago. After his night of despair he traveled to Horeb and waited on the mountain for a word from God. And the word came to Elijah, but not in the earthquake or fire. It came as a still small voice.

Some of the slight movements: The unexpected strengthening of Heather's and my commitment to one another, though we're far apart (for almost three months now); the Fosses coming from Plow Creek farm to preach here last week, and offering me some encouragement; and a change of plans that allowed me to start visiting the farm weekly, to deliver vegetables. I don't know if this adds up to much, but it's been enough to make me think God is there.