"I'm blessed"

Mary, our grandmotherly guest, collapsed while out for a walk the day before yesterday. But she seemed okay when we visited her in the hospital last night. When I asked how she was, she replied with her usual, "I'm blessed, baby."

And then, shortly after we got back, a mother and her four boys (ages 3-10) moved in, so we have a full house now. With lots of pitter-pattering of big and little feet.

It seems like good timing for our weekend away in the country. Most of us are going to a farm in Iowa for a gathering of people from Catholic Worker houses in the midwest. I think at least a hundred people should be there. But I'm mostly looking forward to seeing some of the people I met this summer on my walk. (Then we're stopping at Plow Creek farm on our way back, so we'll be able to see our new friends from there as well.)