just don't do it

From my experience with people for over 40 years now, my impression is that the majority of human activity is misguided, very often to a destructive extant. I'm seriously of the opinion that if people would simply cut their activity in half, the world would be a better place.

The thought reminded me of this story of Diogenes, the famous philosopher in ancient Greece:

A report that Philip was marching on the town had thrown all Corinth into a bustle; one was furbishing his arms, another wheeling stones, a third patching the wall, a fourth strengthening a battlement, every one making himself useful somehow or other. Diogenes having nothing to do—of course no one thought of giving him a job—was moved by the sight to gather up his philosopher's cloak and begin rolling his tub energetically up and down the Craneum. An acquaintance asked why. Diogenes replied: "I do not want to be thought the only idler in such a busy multitude; I am rolling my tub to be like the rest."