after the storm

Three Bridges, NJ

Great visit with Tom. He was very attentive to our needs and generous with us, and one of the best gifts was just being able to spread out and relax at his place for almost two whole days. Good talks over dinners, too.

Then last night we approached a church after dark, and knocked on the pastor's door. But when he came down he wouldn't even open the door. Just a muffled "Whaddya want?" We couldn't really talk through the door, so he just gestured at us, shooing us away. Heather thought she heard him saying "We don't have any" as he turned away. That's the experience of nobodies.

But we found another church soon after, with much better shelter. Thank God for that, because a powerful thunderstorm hit in the middle of the night. Longest and loudest thunder I've ever heard in a storm. A little hard to sleep, but we stayed dry.

Here's a picture of us on a sunnier day, sent by a couple we visited:

(Click on the image for full size, and here's another one.)