The pink magnolia trees are starting to bloom. Heather and I noticed them Sunday when we went to the park to enjoy a few hours reading together in the sun.

It seems my experience here has been in tune with the seasons. My lowest points were in late December and January. And now, as everything warms and greens, I'm enjoying a very good time here. Like I've said before, I'm glad I stayed (and didn't leave in January) or I'm glad I was made to stay. Not only did it give me a better look at my own darker side, but I also managed to work out some of the struggles I had here and learn how to respond better to some of the harder situations. And I was able to decide to leave, not out of desperation or fear, but out of conviction. (Those convictions are reflected in the article I just posted.) That feels very good.

And life's gotten easier now, too. Almost every day I've been able to spend half the day at the Methodist student center, using the computer or just enjoying the quiet. And I actually have my own room now (after seven months without). The Mahoneys' letters continue to be encouraging ("So much of what you say really seems to point to this being a perfect place for you two to join in--we are encouraged and most hopeful"). And the end here is in sight.

On top of all that, Heather and I are spending a long Easter weekend in Evanston, then there's a house retreat at a nearby state park during the last weekend of the month. And spring.

Our hope is in you, Father, who richly provide all things for us to enjoy.