happy anniversary

Speaking of celebrations and joy, Heather and I have been together two years now. In honor of our anniversary, I put together a little something...

We also just found out that Heather will be able to go with her good friend to Nigeria this summer and work with the Mashiah Foundation. It's a great opportunity and I'm glad she's going. Though it will be hard being apart so long (she's leaving in June and probably not coming back until after Christmas).

She's dreamed of going to Africa for a long time, which also means she'll be discerning if God might want her to stay there. That makes it extra hard for me. But yesterday I remembered these words, written in my journal very early in our relationship, almost two years ago:

...I learned that what I am called to in my relationship with her is a lot like faith. That I cannot "hold" her. That I have to let her go (again and again) so that she is always free to give herself. Or not. But, in any case, she must be free or it's not love.