God is gracious

Just sent this to friends and supporters:

We were grateful this Thanksgiving to have our boy with us, Ian George, born just a month before. It was an all night labor, but Heather did great. Hard to believe that was seven weeks ago. Now he’s starting to give us some smiles, which I really appreciate. It’s nice to finally get some positive feedback!

Ian is the Scottish form of the name John, meaning “God is gracious.” And God has been very gracious in providing for our needs this season. A playpen left by a neighbor that was easily converted into a bassinet. A friend that helped Heather make cloth diapers. Many gifts of baby clothes handed down from Ian’s future playmates (and a good car seat, too). A breast pump passed on by another friend, which is now starting to allow Heather some extra freedom. And the many blessings offered at the baby shower (because we didn’t need any more gifts!). Oh, and then there was the driver of the public transit bus who’s gotten to know us during many trips to see the midwife—when he heard what Ian’s name meant, he quietly slipped me $50.

I’m not exactly sure when we’ll be ready to offer retreats again, but probably by next summer. Our friends from Emmaus Ministries came in the fall instead of their usual winter retreat (it was much more peaceful here in September). We hope to introduce our boy to friends old and new during coming retreats, examples to show him what it looks like to trust our gracious God in the hardest circumstances.

Peace and hope to you this Advent season.