visitors from afar

We had guests with us all last week, friends that Heather met when she was in Nigeria years ago. Katherina (from Germany) and Israel (from Nigeria) and their two little kids. They have a small orphanage, with seven more children besides their own. The kids mostly came from very poor families, often because the father was killed. They received a gift to travel to the U.S. for a several month sabbatical and are staying with various friends around the country.

So it was a lot more interesting around here last week. They really enjoyed the fresh vegetables and learning about the farm. And we liked talking with them about how God has provided for them and their ministry. It was a real pleasure to have them with us. In a way, I saw it as providing a retreat, supporting them in their care of very poor and vulnerable children.

We also got a little more used to having a baby around (one of their daughters is just one). Ours should be here in less than two months.