how long?

"Lord—how long?"

I noticed this line in a psalm yesterday; it's actually a frequent sentiment in the Psalms. I've written about waiting on God quite often over the years. A frequent experience. And difficult to deal with, as the psalmist makes very clear. I think, though, that I haven't recognized how waiting in faith is one of the greatest challenges we face. When I think of challenges to faith, I usually think of some persecution or attack or crisis, not the long, slow passage of time. It's often time, though, that breaks us. We could withstand an attack, but we can't hold on to a promise when year after year passes and we can't see the end of the waiting.

Yet it's endurance that is the true sign of faith, willingness to wait and persist in hope and obedience no matter how long it takes. "The one who endures to the end will be saved."

One thing we've been waiting for—enough real friends gathering here to form a more natural, organic community—is starting to look closer to a reality. There were hints before. But recent unexpected changes are bringing those friends closer.

Just a little longer to wait...