"nothing is impossible for God'

From a discussion on whether sinful people can thwart God's purposes:

I know many Christians (now and throughout history) who believe quite firmly that all things are in God's hands, that nothing occurs without God allowing it, for the working out of his own good purposes.

This doesn't mean that God wills sin. For sin is an intention, not an action or situation. Actions and situations can clearly indicate that sin is present in the intent of those acting, but sinful intentions also can and do result in actions that end up playing a part in some good effect (such as making sinful intentions apparent, stimulating repentance or selfless love, or even actually helping someone that the sinner did not intend to help). I've experienced this often. The crucifixion is the most extreme example. God does not will sin, but what God allows to actually happen, God can work with to bring about his good purposes.

As Jesus (and many others) said, "nothing is impossible for God." But if sinful people can thwart God's ability to carry out his purposes as you insist, how can Jesus truthfully say nothing is impossible for God?

Faith in God's sovereignty over all things, the belief that all things are securely in God's hands and nothing is impossible for God, these distinctly separate our actions of charity and justice from what the "secular leftists" offer. These truths are the sure foundation for our courage and selfless abandon. But I know these traditional beliefs are not so popular among modern, left-leaning Christians; perhaps that's part of the reason they often end up hardly distinguishable from their secular social justice counterparts.

Acting (and speaking) in such faith, though, is what most clearly points people to a God they can depend on completely. That is the way to real salvation, in every sense of that word.

p.s. happy birthday to me!