been holding my breath

I was a little concerned when one of the women coming to our retreat last week said she had a work meeting she couldn't get out of and she would be a few hours late. Flashbacks to our retreat a month ago when one (of the the two) guests canceled because of work, two days before the retreat was scheduled to begin. But this time it turned out just fine.

Everyone was able to make it and really got into the discussions and seemed enthusiastic by the end of our time together. It also seemed to be an encouragement for a couple of the people who were struggling with challenges in their own work. We hoped it would be a good retreat for them as well as an introduction to the retreats here. And it seemed to be. A good feeling of closeness and friendliness among all the guests as well. The only hitch was the pig farm about a mile and a half down the road deciding to fertilize a field, making it a little stinky for the guests who wanted to get outside for some fresh air.

Heather and I also were really encouraged and energized by their responses. The good feeling of giving a retreat and having it well-received helps reassure us that God wants us to be offering this to people. I'm not sure how long we might have to wait until we get another chance, hopefully with some people that our recent guests will send from their churches, but it's a little easier to wait now.

One of the women wasn't sure when she came whether she was really called to get involve with this, she was just getting more information. But by the end of the retreat she was telling us about someone she had in mind to refer to us. We thank God for that, and look to him to carry us through to the next step.

I think I might have been holding my breath, desperately hoping that these last few days would go well. Now I need to start breathing again.