not just a quiet time

Yesterday's thoughts were a bit vague, but I still think there's something important there. Talking about it with Heather last night stirred some more ideas, and maybe at least one concrete response. I want to be able to take time to listen to God. Not just a daily "quiet time," which tends to be about reflecting on my own life and praying about personal issues and relationships, but also time that would be considered part of the work day. Time to be inspired with new ideas and be creative. Time that shows that listening to God, pausing to receive the gift he is giving, is more important than working harder and longer.

Heather liked the idea (it sounds a lot like what writers and artists need to do); and it reminded her of this cartoon. That's not exactly what I had in mind. But I do think time is needed to come up with good content for retreats, and also to have something new to inspire and enliven the community here. And to be able to appreciate this place and life, not just seeing nature as products to sell, or weeds to be pulled, or herbivores to keep at bay. I'm hoping that might help others see things differently, too.

Most of all, I want my life to look different because of our choices to trust God more radically. There should be a freedom there, and it should be obvious that survival is not the main priority. Listening to God should clearly be more important than work. I'm going to start giving it a prominent place in the "working hours" of the day.