on the road together

Medfield, MA

Yesterday, as we were walking around a small town looking for a place to sleep, a man on the street asked where we were walking. When we said Florida, he was so astonished he promptly pulled out $20 and gave it to us.

We weren't able to find much in the way of shelter, though. But Heather came up with an idea to use our ponchos to make a big piece of playground equipment rain-proof, and it worked, keeping off the light rain last night.

Then today she wanted a break and found a quiet spot in the woods, hidden from the road. There was a small clearing next to a shallow, rocky stream, so we napped for while, and I woke to bird songs and the sunlight winking through the leaves overhead. And Heather beside me. A beautiful place that I'm sure I wouldn't have stopped for if it wasn't for her. Years ago we talked about going out on the road together and now here we are.

As we walked we sang the South African song Erin taught us, Hamba Nathi: "Come walk with us, the journey is long..."